Thoughts on Parshah Vayera: Sodom & Gomorrah & America Today

I have a bad tendency of not posting the things that God lays on my heart to speak out and share.   My heart has been deeply troubled over America and the future of such a blessed country.  This week as we studied and discussed our Torah portion, parashat (Hebrew for portion) Vayera (Hebrew for […]


My Messianic Journey: Awe, Repentance, Past & The Future

Repentance alone does not mean you deserve to be saved.   What does saying I’m sorry really accomplish? It doesn’t take away the crime. It doesn’t take away the past.  The power of repentance isn’t that it changes the past….IT CHANGES THE FUTURE.   ~Pastor Mark Biltz  Those words summarized the incredible past couple weeks with […]

Set Apart

Did You Know Series: Everyone Keeps Commandments. Whose Are You Keeping?

Since the Lord set me out on my Messianic journey I most often hear people caught up on the words “law”, “Torah” and get asked often, “are you putting yourself under the law?”   I often hear the Old Testament is the “old” and used for comparison and learning, not relevant for today.  And of course […]

paths in the journey

The Fork in the Road: My Messianic Journey

There comes a time in every person’s life where they are at a fork in the road, deciding to go this direction or that direction.  The choice is never easy.  Have you ever realized when people who have an authentic, real relationship with Jesus they mention “their walk”?  That is how the Lord speaks with […]

Books of the Torah

Did You Know…What the First 5 Books of the Torah are called?

We truly serve an AWE-some G-d who is full of exact reasons, with meaning behind everything single move He does.   As I have learned about my Hebrew roots the Lord has weighted on my heart to share with others what I have learned so others can see the life and the excitement that is […]

Dark Valley

12 Things You Can Do To Help Yourself Through A Spiritual Valley

I define “valley moments” as this…life is full of up times and down times, like a mountain. At the peak of the mountain life is just incredible and you can see for miles the journeys you’ve come through. I can look back and say “Wow!!” to God.  It’s the best “high moment” when everything is […]